Covid-19: what we need to know

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Last update: 2023-05-18 UTC

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SpanishEstudio de la correlación entre casos de coronavirus y la presencia de redes 5G [16 p.] [download]5G
EnglishCommission to study the environmental and health effects of evolving 5G technology [390 p.] [download]5G
English60-GHz oxygen band: precise broadening and central frequencies of fine-structure lines, absolute absorption profile at atmospheric pressure, and revision of mixing coefficients [14 p.] [download]5G
FrenchAppel international demandant l'arrêt du déploiement de la 5G sur Terre et dans l'espace [20 p.] [download]5G
English5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells [8 p.] [download]5G
SpanishDispositivos para filtrar la señal del 5g - El 8 infinito nano recubierto, y la orgonita [12 p.] [download]5G
English5G Global Accelerator Programme - Compendium of use cases [47 p.] [download]5G
EnglishThe 5G era - New horizons for advanced electronics and industrial companies [24 p.] [download]5G
English5G & The Wuhan Debacle - February 19, 2020 with Lena Pu Interview by Judith Kwoba of Nightflight [24 p.] [download]5G
English5G and AI - The Foundations for the Next Societal and Business leap [22 p.] [download]5G
English5G: The Basics [1 p.] [download]5G
English5G Smart cities whitepaper [48 p.] [download]5G
English5G in healthcare: how the new wireless standard can connect a post-COVID healthcare ecosystem [13 p.] [download]5G
English5G Network Architecture - A High-Level Perspective [21 p.] [download]5G
EnglishThe Dangers Of 5G – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned [4 p.] [download]health 5G